May 05, 2013

This week in pictures

Zoe celebrated with our Dutch neighbors the crowning of the new Dutch king.  The dress code was orange!

This lovely nanny goat was one of David's passengers this week, along with a family that serves in a remote interior village.

The Amphibious Caravan is a pretty cool plane all on its own, but strap a canoe onto one of the floats and the cool factor increases exponentially.  Tom, one of the pilots, was doing a test flight with the canoe before going out the next day to deliver it for a couple serving interior.

The kids had track and field day this week.  So proud of Luke with his "3st place" ribbon.

This weekend we hosted two girls from a local school called TITIP that gives high school graduates a year of discipleship and intensive English classes.  Our TITIP girls, Ivon and Elise, were a delight to have.

We took the girls to one of our favorite local hangouts, the "swim bak" at a military complex. It's a beautiful spot by a river, with rocks for the kids to jump off and scramble on, and there are always lots of colorful butterflies.

Carter has the gift of finding critters.  This is his latest acquistion, a viper boa.  When he came out of the jungle with it, he assured David it wasn't poisonous.  "How do you know?" David asked.  "Oh," Carter replied, "it would have bitten me by now."  Aha.  Yes, keep praying for us! 

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