February 10, 2016

Through Rachel's Eyes

As I've mentioned on here before, our niece Rachel lived with us for five months.  Before she left a few weeks ago, she shared some of the photos she'd taken during her time here in Sentani.  As I scrolled through them, my first reaction to some of them was, 'Why did she take a photo of THIS?' And then I remembered that whatever 'THIS' was would be weird/new/terrifying to most Americans. The longer we live in Indonesia, the more familiar the foreign becomes.  And that is as it should be, I guess.

So here are a few of Rachel's photos, which give a glimpse into our world:
What, your cat doesn't snuggle up with the just-picked pineapples?

Ice cream flavors: sweet corn and yam
No dishwasher here - so every night we have a mountain of dishes like this.

Hotel bathroom with hose attachment. 

Our house is wired for both 110 and 220

This is the "taxi" our kids would ride to school. The jump rope is used to close the door.

Es buah - a drink/dessert with lots of lovely bits in it that, yes, do resemble frogs' eggs.

The horrific leftovers from a car crash - meant as a deterrent to reckless driving
Balloon man, who we later see....

...at the pasar. And yes, I bought one. That panda one.

Power's out - a frequent occurrence
Missionaries don't throw away anything. Case in point: these roller skates.  But hey, they work!
A baby goat in a printing store.  Why not?
Eating on the floor at one of our local eateries
Poetic English
Cigarette packs come with gruesome photos of what smoking can do to you.
Jus Alpokat - Avacado shake.  It's delicious - you just can't think 'guacamole.'

Indonesian airplane food. 

We hardly ever get to use a jetway - usually it's stairs then a bus to the terminal.

Thanks for the photos, Rachel!


Mary said...

Nice pictures!!

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Looking at these pictures, I must say your niece would be really creative and deep thinker. She notices each and every smallest detail. Impressive!