March 08, 2014

This Week in Pictures

Zoe holding the newborn baby of our friend, when we took a meal to them.  Zoe declared, "I want to have triplets when I grow up!"

On Sunday, Luke's bike and scooter were stolen from our yard.  We put out the word in the neighborhood, and by Wednesday, someone had located it.  The bike had been painted a lovely shade of green.  We're hoping the scooter also turns up.

The sweet little hellions angels I wrangled this week.  This is Zoe's class, and their teacher was on Outdoor Education as a team leader with the high school, so a few moms stepped in to help teach.

Grace had a basketball game (that's her going for the pass).  
International Day at the school. Each grade studied a different country and gave presentations to the other classes. Here, Grace explains South Korea's economy to Luke.

Zoe describes Australia's animals to Luke and friend Marc.

As part of Luke's class' study of Indonesia, they made batik.

Carter came home!  This was definitely a highlight of the week.  Carter and the rest of the high school spent two weeks in mountain villages doing ministry.  He had a great time, was full of stories, and CAME HOME HEALTHY!  That was a huge praise.

Every Day This Week
All week, the West Wind of Papua has been messing with me.  It blows incessantly, and two of my glasses, a picture frame, and my beloved tea pitcher have fallen victim to its forces.  It blew me across the road when I took my motorbike out today.  The trees all around our house (including the ones above) groan and creak and more than once the kids and I have discussed our plan of action should we hear one start to fall.  But just within the past two hours, it has stopped, inexplicably. So I'm just going to finish typing this very quietly in the hopes that it will just forget there's a place called Papua that it likes to blow on.  Shhhh.  And good night.

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Emily said...

I loved your post. So thankful Carter came home and had a good time...he is sooooo tall!!!!