January 21, 2014

Papuan Handshake

How do you greet your friends?  With a handshake? A bear hug? A side hug? A bro hug? A high five?  An air kiss by the cheek?  Here's a greeting to add to your repertoire.

Here in Papua, certain tribes have a unique greeting that I just love.  It starts like a normal handshake:
Then you connect your fingers like this with your knuckles overlapping:
And then you pull hard for a satisfying SNAP!
Now, go and do likewise.

The lady in the picture often gives bananas to David when he flies into her village.  Maybe she's trying to appease the Scary Giant Pilot?
Nah, I think it's just that she's a generous soul.  


Crissie said...
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Jimmy said...

I really dont understand the concept of this post can you please explain