June 05, 2012

Dad's Rule for Puzzles

We love getting packages around here.  Usually it's comics and candy, or magazines for the kids and dark chocolate for me (it IS for me, right Mom and Dad?).  Sometimes my dad will throw in the random item, like tattoos from Moe's Southwest Grill (oh, how we miss Moe's) or Georgia-shaped silly bands.  Or a jigsaw puzzle without the box.

My dad, and if you know him you know this, is a unique man, with some unique ideas.  Like his idea that it's cheating to put a jigsaw puzzle together while looking at the picture on the box.  He says it's cheating.  The kids and I heartily disagree, and we spent part of our time at Christmas together trying to sneak peeks at the box of the massive jigsaw we were attempting to piece together.

But he's taken his rule for puzzles a step further by mailing us the puzzle, without the picture from the box.  My kids will need some brain stimulation this summer, and this will most definitely provide that.

So I have two questions for you:

1.  What picture do you think will emerge from this puzzle?

And, just to set my dad straight...

2.  Do you think it's cheating to look at the box while assembling a puzzle?

1 comment:

Mary said...

1. Either laundry hanging on a line or a train. I also thought perhaps it could be reptiles but not sure you could/would string them together!!

2. NO!! It is NOT cheating!! Remember - he has bought the puzzles you do at the house so he probably memorized the picture before you got there....now THAT's cheating!! ha!