November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks

There was much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday...

The eldest, who has become a Denver Broncos fan on this furlough, turned 14.  He managed to somehow fracture his growth-plate, so he has a brace to wear for the next month.  I love this kid and we are thankful for him.

Thanksgiving week also included a visit with one of my long-time best friends, Christy.  We spent several hours in Barnes and Noble catching up on the last few years, then stood outside in the parking lot and talked some more.  There was a funny moment when a car full of guys went by and hooted at us.  I yelled, "We are so old, you don't even know!" to which Christy added, "Yeah, I have an orthopedic insert in my shoe!"  So thankful for Christy, who always interjects laughter into my life, right when I need it most.

Thankful for this little beauty I cooked up and shared (sort of) with David on Thanksgiving Eve - leftover pie dough and blueberries.

I am thankful for cornbread dressing.  It always makes me think of my beloved Mamaw, who passed away three years ago.  She would be proud that I took pictures of the food.

This would be me, in the kitchen, NOT SWEATING.  As much as I found myself missing our Tarakan family this Thanksgiving, I was thankful not to be sweating buckets whilst cooking.

I am thankful for a dad who cooks.  Despite the fact that he insists upon putting giblets and other innards in his gravy, he knows his way around the kitchen.

Thankful for cousins!!!

And for good friends like Miss June.  She is a friend from our Baptist Center days, when she taught me in Sunday school.

Thankful for time in the country...

...and for a father-in-law who takes his girls for pony rides.

I am thankful, so very thankful, for healthy, strong bodies.  It was about a year ago this Thanksgiving that I started having all my stomach issues.  There's no way that I would have had the energy to do this...
eight months ago.  Praise God!  And yay for leaf piles!


Mary said...

Wonderful!! Almost like being there!! I am thankful for you and your family!!

Sean Cannon said...

Way to represent Carter!!! Broncos for life!