August 23, 2011

America the Beautiful, Part 2

After leaving the shrunken heads in Oklahoma we drove across Missouri to visit the iconic St. Louis arch.  Before visiting the arch, we checked into our hotel, a Homewood Suites, which is now my favorite hotel chain.  Not only do you get an awesome breakfast, but a buffet dinner on some nights, as well.  It's all about the food, and also all six of us had a bed to sleep on - no one on the floor.  I digress...

All of us but Carter - who suffers from acrophobia, enjoyed the ride to the top of the arch.  The sun was setting over St. Louis and the view was beautiful.

Lovin' it!

Hatin' it.

The next day we visited the St. Louis Zoo, which was free!  Gotta love those free attractions.  Our kids consider themselves zoo conniseurs, and they rated this zoo up there with Singapore's. 

Touching stingrays

Seeing this hornbill reminded us of our Borneo home

As did this critter

From St. Louis we drove south to Nashville and stayed with my older brother and his family for a few days...

...then we went on to north Georgia and stayed with my younger brother and his family.

Finally, after two weeks on the road, we made it to southern Georgia.  We've enjoyed time with our parents.

Driving the golf cart with Granpa

Playing the piano with Grandma

And David caught this huge fish in the lake. I love how it looks like the fish is swallowing the dog!

Bop and Luke have a lego-building competition.

So we have a few weeks to catch our breath before we hit the road again.  We're in our third week of home school, and we've spoken at four churches so far.  This past Sunday David and I took turns getting emotional as we spoke at a church; the emotions of saying goodbye to so many dear friends in Inodnesia are still quite raw. 

Until next time...

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That is a nice bass! How much did it weigh?