June 13, 2011

A Dilemma

What to do with the dog?


Sandy, our beloved mutt with the face of a fruit bat, will not be able to accompany us to our new home in Papua.  We acquired her after the unfortunate demise of our first dog, Sydney, who was accidentally given away to be eaten for Christmas dinner.  No joke!

For eight years she has guarded our home well - sometimes, a little too well.  She's a barking fool, as my neighbors can attest, and as she gets older and grumpier the barking has gotten worse. 

Carter and Grace with little Sandy, 2003

Unfortunately, because of her incessant barking, she scares the hooey out of most Indonesians.  I feel badly about that, and we try to put her up when we know people are coming over.  

So no one really wants her, and I would be hesitant to give her away, actually, knowing how she can be with strangers.  I don't want her biting anyone.  There is also the very real possibility that if I give her to someone, they would eat her.  And one of our dogs getting eaten is enough.  If there were a humane society or animal shelter here, I would probably take her there, but alas, no such option exists.

So, sadly, we will probably have her put down.  Our friend, Tim, has offered to do this after we leave.  As he  said, "Hey, that's what friends are for - we kill each other's pets."  

Another sad goodbye.  Poor Sandy.  She's been a good dog, even if she has driven me half-nuts with her barking.  


Carrie said...

You know, I think Dave and Joy are about ready for a dog again. I mean, the snake is dead, and how fun are a bunch of rabbits? And they did so well with their last dog...{ah hem}...yes, I think Sandy should be given to them as a parting gift. ;-)

In all seriousness though, that's a hard choice to make, but I think it's for the best and that is SUPER nice of Tim.

Mary said...

Tim is a really good friend to do that for you. You don't want Sandy to suffer. You gave her a good life and now you can give her a good death. Not trying to be harsh or glib but it is true. I'll be praying for you all!!
Auntie M

Anne said...

I remember Sandy as a baby!!! Dear kind Tim. Thanks for letting your Yakima tribe say our good-byes.

Papua Mama sounds good to me!

Anne (Ibu Aneh smile)

Dave said...

Not nice Carrie. :) Thanks, but no thanks. :)