May 02, 2011


Easter morning found us scrambling, as usual, to get ready for church.

"Flowers!" I remembered.  "We need flowers!"

Our Indonesian church has an Easter tradition that I absolutely love called "flowering the cross".  Everyone is asked to bring flowers that are then attached to a large styrofoam cross.

I loved sitting in church, surrounded by people clutching flowers freshly cut from their gardens - orchids, bougainvillea, and that's where my knowledge of local flower names ends.  Living here where it's perpetually summer, I often forget what season it is in the U.S.  All the flowers reminded me that it is spring.

Attaching our flowers

The "flowered" cross - a beautiful symbol of hope for Easter morning!

 Zoe and Grace with "Oma" - a sweet grandma from our church.

Grace's birthday was a few days before Easter, and she had a party with some of her MAF friends.  We made some Easter crafts...

...and Grace ate a stack of 11 pancakes - one for each of her years of life!

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